Lose Weight and Increase Your Life Span with Special Enzyme

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Beautiful Ageing face eyesThe human body is an amazing machine and one enzyme has been discovered that will keep that machine running at an optimal level that includes keeping excess pounds off and fighting off life-threatening diseases.  The enzyme is called AMPK (adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase) and it is found in all of our cells.

This enzyme helps determine your longevity and how much fat you will have.  This makes it one of the most important enzymes in your body.

AMPK is very active when you are young, but diminishes as you get older.  It becomes less active as we age and this helps lead to many health issues associated with weight gain, including diabetes.  Without this enzyme to help determine body fat composition, your body starts to gain unwanted fat and the health issues that come with being overweight.

Think of AMPK as an automatic sensor that tells your body to stay thin and vital.  As far as the importance of enzymes, AMPK ranks at the top for its ability to keep the body active and thriving.

Studies have shown that when there is high activity levels of this enzyme, the body is triggered to not store as much fat, there is less inflammation, and cell health is at levels associated with young people.

The biggest concerns as we age are developing life-threatening diseases like diabetes, heart disease, various types of cancer, and immune disorders.  Research has proven that this enzyme is one of the best ways to avoid the diseases that ravage the older people.

When the levels of this enzyme are high you have a more efficient uptake of glucose in your body, helping with insulin resistance.  One of the most dangerous health concerns is elevated blood sugar levels, and AMPK will help keep your blood sugar at healthy levels.  This will help you avoid diabetes.

Other benefits of this enzyme include reduced triglycerides and cholesterol, loss of belly fat, and improving your stamina.

All these benefits can help you expand your life span up to 30 %, according to recent studies.

The key in getting the benefits of the enzyme is to keep AMPK functioning at high levels, and there have been studies that have shown that there are ways to keep your levels of AMPK at levels usually seen in young people.

Some of the ways to help boost your levels of AMPK include, reducing your caloric intake, a consistent exercise plan, a drug called metformin, resveratrol, and some natural plant extracts.  The two extracts are trans-tiliroside, which is found in rose hips, and gynostemma pentaphyllum, which is a Chinese herb.

While you might not have heard about AMPK, it should now be on your radar as one of the better ways to help you avoid debilitating diseases, keep your body lean, and give you the energy you had when you were younger.

3 Responses to “Lose Weight and Increase Your Life Span with Special Enzyme”

  1. Kellan 2015-01-16

    Funny I have never heard of this enzyme and there is not much info on it in health forums. Looks like I will have to try and keep my levels up so I can keep the weight off.

  2. Lisa 2015-01-29

    Nice to know there are some ways to help you stay active that I didn’t know about. I had never heard of this enzyme but looks like it couldn’t hurt ramp up my exercise plan to keep up levels of this enzyme.

  3. Kennedy 2015-02-23

    Being a little overweight, I am looking for all options to help me lose weight and improve my energy level. Seems like the best way is to just eat less and healthier, along with more exercise. I guess i have to get off the couch.


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