Health Concerns for Endurance Athletes

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There is increasing concern about the health risks of doing endurance aerobic activities such as long distance running, especially marathons.  Recent studies by the Mayo Clinic have shown that many endurance athletes have suffered damage to their hearts by participating in endurance sports over a long period of time and have developed a buildup of scar tissue….
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Warning for Oxalates in Your Diet

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One of the surprising health concerns for many people, including those with a “healthy diet,” is the problem of oxalates in many of the foods you eat and what it can do to compromise your health.

Pilates a Great Fitness Option

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When deciding on a fitness program, if you want a well-rounded program that helps develop a strong core and flexibility, you should consider trying Pilates.  This fitness system has been very popular with women because of its combination of improving coordination, balance, muscle tone and body alignment.